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Your model portfolio 

Here are the recommended portfolio across different asset classes based on your investment personality.

Fixed Income & Money Market






Updated on Quarterly basis

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Ready to make your investment in Unit Trust? Follow these steps

Step 1


Login to your CIMB Clicks.

Step 2


Select ‘Apply & Invest’ and Go to ‘Unit Trust’ under Investments category.

Step 3


Now you can easily open your CIMB Unit Trust Account and start investing in any Unit Trust funds of your choice.

Alternatively you can download the detailed steps here



For mobile devices


Step 1



Visit on your mobile browser and login to CIMB Clicks.

Step 2


Select the 'Pen' [Apply & Invest] icon and Go to 'Unit Trust Investment Account' under Investment category.

Step 3


Now you can easily invest in your Unit Trust investment.

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