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What are the different types of financing and loan solutions that are available for CIMB Preferred Client?


At CIMB, we are committed to providing financing and loan solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you need funding for personal or home financing purposes, we offer a range of flexible and competitive financing options to suit your needs:


  • CIMB Secured Overdraft Facility
  • CIMB Wealth Financing (local & foreign currencies)
  • CIMB Overseas Mortgage Loan
  • CIMB Property Financing
  • CIMB Auto Financing



Does CIMB Preferred offer a mortgage loan to purchase properties overseas?


Yes, we do. The CIMB Overseas Mortgage Loan is a hassle-free financing option that can help meet this need.

To learn more, visit the CIMB Overseas Mortgage Loan product page.