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What are the different types of investment products available through CIMB Preferred?


At CIMB Preferred, we are committed to building a personalised portfolio to help you achieve your goals. Whether you prefer conventional or shariah-compliant products, we have an extensive range of investment offerings available to our CIMB Preferred clients, ranging from Unit Trust funds, Structured Products, Gold, Bond, and Negotiable Instruments.


To learn more about our product offerings, browse the investment listing page and select an investment product of your interest.


How do I choose the best investment plan for me at CIMB?


For a personalised service, please contact your relationship manager or visit any of our CIMB branches.


Beyond banking services, we also offer a wealth of resources to keep you up-to-date and knowledgeable on market trends and investment-related topics. Browse the sections below:




What is a currency investment?


Currency investment involves buying and selling currencies with the aim of generating profits. Currency investment can be done through various means, such as Dual Currency Investment.


For further information on currency investment, you can browse the Dual Currency Investment product page and contact your relationship manager or visit any of our CIMB branches. 



How do I open an investment account with CIMB Preferred?


Get access to a full suite of exclusive benefits today. Meet the following minimum requirements to become a CIMB Preferred client:


  • RM250,000 In Deposits or Investment or Bancassurance/Bancatakaful* or;
  • RM1,000,000 Home Financing & Business Premises Financing or;
  • RM300,000 Hire Purchase Financing


Get in touch with our 24-hour Preferred Call Centre at 1300 885 300 (Local) and +03-2295 6888 (overseas).


*View the list of selected investment and Bancassurance/Bancatakaful products here.