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Should you go out and buy a physical property or invest in a real estate mutual fund? Read on to find out the benefits of each one.

Physical Properties

Whether this is the right time to invest in physical property depends on you and your own unique circumstances and financial security. Times are challenging, and many people are putting their home-buying plans on hold. But if you’ve been looking to buy property and are financially ready to do so

during this challenging time, you could reap some benefits from the government’s Home Ownership Campaign (HOC).


The HOC was reintroduced this year. It offers up to RM1 million stamp duty exemption for name transfer letters for properties between RM300,000 and RM2.5 million, along with a 100% stamp duty exemption for the financing agreement. With these benefits, you can own a property and gain potential savings.


To further maximise your savings when you purchase a home, you can take advantage of our FlexiOwn packages. It allows you to pay lower monthly instalments of up to 10% compared to normal financing in the first 5 years. Together with the HOC, you will be able to enjoy lower monthly instalments and this gives you the freedom to pick the home that you want, and ultimately enables you to own the home of your dreams.

Real estate mutual funds

Although there are many benefits to buying your own physical property, physical properties are long- term investments and are challenging to liquidate if you need cash quickly. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to invest in properties which is - Real estate mutual funds. It let you invest in commercial real estate without having to hold physical property. They are professionally-managed by fund managers.

With real estate mutual funds, you'll need a smaller amount of capital to start investing, as compared to buying physical properties. They're also a good way to have a diversified portfolio. Many real estate mutual funds invest in different types of property from residential, commercial, hospitality and more. It offer better liquidity, allowing you to redeem your investment and sell it within a day. Feel free to speak to our Relationship Managers on investment opportunities you can seize, so that you can take your wealth further no matter what life throws at you.


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