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Get Started

Things you'll need before registration:

- Your CIMB Debit/Credit Card number* and 6-digit PIN.

- Your NRIC No. /Passport No. /Millitary No.

Register for CIMB Clicks in just 3 steps

Step 2

Choose an access type

  • Key in CIMB Debit/Credit Card number*

  • Key in your 6-digit PIN

Step 3

Key in your 6-digit SMS activation code and ‘Continue’

*You may also register for CIMB Clicks using Loan/Financing, Unit Trust or Structured Investment account.


You’re now all set to start creating your CIMB Clicks User ID, Password & SecureWord.


CIMB Clicks Registration Video Guide

CIMB Clicks
How to register for CIMB Clicks via desktop

CIMB Clicks
3 Steps to Register for CIMB Clicks via mobile app

Register or Download the CIMB Clicks App

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Your Quick Guide to CIMB Clicks

Banking online with CIMB Clicks is so simple and fast, anyone can do it! Find out what you can do with the CIMB Clicks website and mobile app.

Anyone can do it

Online banking made easy with CIMB Clicks.

Check your account balance

Checking your CIMB Bank account balance is simple and fast with CIMB Clicks. Just select “View my accounts” from the Quick Access menu after you log in.

Check Account Balance with the All-New CIMB Clicks

Transfer money online

Transferring money with CIMB Clicks is so simple and fast now. Your recent and favourite accounts are conveniently displayed on the Transfer Money page.

Transfer Money with the All-New CIMB Clicks

Pay bills and use JomPAY

Pay your bills from the comfort of your home. Add your favourite billers with CIMB Clicks to make your bill payments simpler and faster.

Pay Bills with the All-New CIMB Clicks

Make credit card payments

Make safe and secure credit card payments with CIMB Clicks. View your credit card details and download your monthly statement on the My Accounts page. It’s so simple and fast!

Make Credit Card Payments with the All-New CIMB Clicks

Get to know the power-packed CIMB Clicks App

Make cashless QR payments, enjoy personalised deals, and experience simplified banking, all in one power-packed app.

Get to know the all-new CIMB Clicks Mobile App!

Quick Video Guides on CIMB Clicks Mobile App