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Benefits & Privileges

Easy to Manage
Foreign Currencies

Follow these steps to start your transactions with Foreign Currency Current Account-i! 

Step 1


Login to your CIMB Clicks.

Step 2


Select "Pay & Transfer" and Go to "FCCA Fund Transfer"

Step 3 


To Deposit into your FCCA-i account, select FCCA account followed by debiting Ringgit account and key in all other details. 

Step 4 


To Withdraw from your FCCA-i account, select Ringgit account followed by FCCA account and key in all other details.

Step 5


Review transaction information and click “Confirm” to proceed with the transaction.

Alternatively, click here to view and download the detailed steps for Foreign Currency Current Account-i


  • Individuals aged 18 years and above
  • Joint account is allowed

Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. To view PIDM's brochure, click here.


  • NRIC or passport
  • Minimum initial deposit of USD500 equivalent

Profit Rates

This is a non-profit bearing account.

Based on the Shariah concept of Tawarruq.

Fees and Charges

Terms and Conditions


Foreign currency deposits are subject to fluctuation of foreign currency exchange rate against Ringgit Malaysia.