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Important notes

1Regional Preferred nomination Asset Under Management requirement

Countries Preferred Minimum AUM Nominee Minimum AUM
Singapore SGD 250,000 SGD 100,000
Indonesia IDR500 million IDR250 million
Thailand THB 3 million THB 2 million
Cambodia USD30,000 USD10,000
Vietnam USD50,000 USD25,000

Important notes

1Applicable for Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. Physical presence required for account opening in Thailand and Vietnam.

2Applicable in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Important notes

1Effective 1 April 2024, eligible cardholders are entitled for 8x access to selected Plaza Premium First and Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide until 31 December 2024. Eligible cardholders are CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite Credit Cardholders who are CIMB Preferred clients that meet the Assets Under Management (“AUM”) minimum balance requirement stipulated in CIMB Preferred Terms & Conditions at at all times. The eligible cardholder must present his/her passport or NRIC, CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite credit card and a valid boarding pass to enter the airport lounges. Non-eligible cardholders will be charged the prevailing access rate by the respective lounges.


If the CIMB Preferred client has CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite Credit Card, CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite-i Credit Card and/or CIMB Preferred Debit Mastercard, access is capped at 8x.

How to become a CIMB Preferred client

Get access to a full suite of exclusive benefits today. Meet the following minimum requirements to become a CIMB Preferred client:


In Deposits or Investment or Bancassurance/Bancatakaful*



Home Financing or Business Premises Financing



Hire Purchase Financing

*The list of selected investment and Bancassurance/Bancatakaful products is published HERE.


Terms and Conditions apply. 


Get in touch with our 24-hour Preferred Call Centre at 1300 885 300 (Local) and +03-2295 6888 (overseas).