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Benefits & Privileges

Acceptable Collaterals
More Savings
Financial Liquidity
No guarantor


  • Individuals aged 21 to 70 years old
  • Malaysian or residents with PR status residing in Malaysia
  • Owner of the collateral (free from any encumbrance)
  • Minimum collateral of RM10,000.00
  • Overdraft limit dependent on collateral pledged

Interest Rates

Interest is calculated daily based on Facility outstanding balance.


Overdraft Type

Interest Rates

CIMB Secured Overdraft 

Personal OD Secured by Fixed Deposit


SBR + 2.10% 


Personal OD Secured by Multiple Collateral


SBR + 2.60%


Personal OD Secured by Amanah Saham Bumiputera

Fees and Charges

Document Requirement

Applicants are required to submit these compulsory documents:

  • Photocopy of NRIC

  • Collateral Documents (based on collateral to be pledged)

  • Income document:-

Salary Earners

Commission Earner

Self Employed

Multi National Company / Public Listed Company / Government Linked Company

  • Latest 1 month payslip OR

  • Latest 3 months payslip (variable income) OR

  • Latest EPF statement (minimum 6 months EPF record) 


  • Latest 3 months payment voucher Latest 3 months payslip AND latest 3 months salary crediting bank statement OR

  • Latest EPF statement (minimum 6 months EPF record) 

  • Latest 6 months commission statement AND Commission crediting bank statement OR

  • Latest Form B and LHDN payment receipt

  • Latest 6 months company bank statement AND Business registration document OR

  • Latest Form B and LHDN payment receipt OR

  • Latest e-Form B and e-filing acknowledgement receipt

The Bank may require additional documents where deemed necessary.

Product Disclosure Sheet


Subject to eligibility and acceptable collaterals.