• Wide Range of Wealth Products

Our basic products and services are designed to provide you with higher rewards when you perform day-to-day banking for either yourself or your business. Experience convenience of banking via CIMB Clicks, get rewarded for every transaction and bank from the comforts of your home. Be recognised when you at over 120 CIMB Preferred Centers across ASEAN with your CIMB Preferred Visa INFINITE credit card. 

A specially designed current account, where returns on your credit balance are calculated daily and credited into your account monthly.

  • Minimum initial deposit of RM1,000
  • Higher daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to RM10,000
  • Unlimited cash withdrawal at CIMB Preferred centers nationwide
  • Earn bonus points for monthly average balance
  • SMS alerts on account status

First 20,000


Next 20,000.01 – 100,000


Next 100,000,01 – 500,000


Next 500,000.01 – 1,000,000


Above 1,000,000



CIMB Clicks

Enjoy the convenience of our Online Banking service, CIMB Clicks, whether you are at work, at home or traveling.

  • Manage your financial standing at the convenience of your home, workplace or on-the-go
  • Preferential rates for fund transfers to CIMB Preferred Account across the region
  • Preferential foreign exchange rates and service charge waiver for remittance services
  • Pay your bills online and on time
  • Access to financial tools, information and updates to assist customers in daily financial planning

Our core products will help ensure that your wealth portfolio is well-balanced and ready for growth.

Unit Trust (UT)

Invested in a portfolio of assets managed by professional fund managers

  • 11 Unit Trust Management Companies and more than 100 Unit Trust available
  • Risk: Typically moderate to high risk
  • Tenure: Typically medium to long term (3-5 years)
  • Minimum Investment: From RM 500
  • Exposure to multiple assets classes- Money Market, Bonds, Equity, Alternative
  • Invest in either MYR or Foreign Currency


Not protected by PIDM

Amanah Saham National Berhad – Variable Pricing

Provide you consistent dividend and capital appreciation through investments in Malaysia

  • Five Amanah Saham National Berhad Variable Pricing funds available
  • Risk: Typically moderate to high risk
  • Tenure: Typically medium to long term (3-5 years)
  • Minimum Investment: From 100 Units
  • Underlying Asset: Bonds and Equity


Not protected by PIDM


Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)

Boost your total retirement savings

  • On Shelf: Private Retirement Scheme : CIMB-Principal PRS Plus & CIMB Islamic PRS Plus
  • Investment Approaches :
    (1) Do-It-For -Me
    (2) Do-It-For -Myself
  • Risk: Typically moderate to high risk
  • Tenure: Long term for retirement planning
  • Minimum Initial Investment: RM 100
  • Currency Accepted: MYR


Not protected by PIDM


Structured Products

This investment alternative will allow you to access a wider range of markets and pay-out structures.

  • At CIMB Bank, Structured Products cover various underlying asset classes comprising:
  • Interest rate indices (e.g. KLIBOR)
  • Equity (e.g. single stock or indices)
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Commodities
  • Fixed Income


Not protected by PIDM


Retail Bonds

Investors looking for a regular income from selected bonds

  • Tenure: No limit, depending on bond structure
  • Autonomy in selection of corporate bonds
  • Local and Foreign Currency
  • Flexibility to enter/exit investment on any valid trading day
  • Steady stream of income


Not protected by PIDM



Investors looking to buy gold commodities

  • Tenure: Mid- Long Term
  • Minimum amount: 1 gram
  • Low and affordable initial investment
  • Potential hedge against inflation and weakening currency
  • Potential capital gains
  • Buy and sell whenever you want


Not protected by PIDM


  • Potentially higher returns
  • Stable investment with low risk
  • Affordable with a minimum investment of RM1,000

Whether you are buying a home for your family or refinancing your existing one, we have the ideal package for you. Enjoy preferential rates, a high margin of financing and choose from various financing types to suit your down payment and repayment preferences. 

Reverse Repo

Leveraging investors to invest in bonds.

  • Tenure: 1 month with option to rollover
  • Opportunity to participate in corporate bonds market with less capital outlay
  • Potential higher return investment with leveraging risk
  • Exposure to foreign bonds in USD, SGD, GBP, and AUD


Not protected by PIDM


Multi Collateral Financing

This facility allows you to withdraw additional funds quickly and conveniently from your current account when required. It is available to customers, subject to a pledge of collateral acceptable to the bank.

  • Wider range of accepted collateral
  • Flexible cash withdrawal anytime via chequebook, ATM machine or at any of CIMB Bank branch
  • No fixed monthly repayment. Interest is charged based on utilization amount only.
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and US

Whether to purchase new properties or looking to refinance your overseas property, the Overseas Mortgage Financing is now here to lend you a helping hand. You can now enjoy a hassle-free way of purchasing property overseas and meeting other overseas financing needs with our wide range of financing options.

Trade in local and cross border markets conveniently via CIMB Clicks. Our online portal provides trading accounts to suit your needs and a dedicated Retail Equity Specialist (RES) is available to assist if you have any enquiries.



Clicks Trader
• Low brokerage fee 0.0388% or RM8.88 or whichever is higher
• Search for real-time Bursa Malaysia charts and market information, and gain access to CIMB Group Research Reports

Our extensive selection of protection products cover both your wealth and your loved ones.


Enjoy comprehensive protection while growing your wealth. SunInvest is a single premium investment-linked plan that offers the best of both insurance protection and investment up to the age of 99.

  • One product that covers your investment needs, where local and foreign funds are available for your selection based on your financial objectives.
  • Investment with Insurance Protection of up to 125% of Single Premium
  • Guaranteed acceptance up to RM350K per Life Creditors proof / legacy for the beloved


Sun SaveAssured

A unique, non-participating endowment plan that helps you achieve your saving goals with guaranteed returns and guaranteed protection.

  • Guarantees 100% refund of the total premium payable upon policy maturity and includes a guaranteed return of up to 78% *of premium payable.
  • Provides protection with an additional 108% of sum assured for unfortunate incident of accidental death.
  • Offering an optional Waiver of Premium (WOP) benefit to ensure continuous protection against Critical Illnesses throughout the policy term.

SunLink Max

Regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage as follows:

  • Full premium allocation that comes with zero upfront fee
  • Basic insurance coverage with a wide range of 6 optional riders:
    • Hospitalisation and surgical benefit/Hospitalisation and surgical plus benefit
    • Multiple pay critical illness benefit
    • Accidental death benefit
    • Weekly disability income benefit
    • Life assured waiver of premium benefit
    • Policy owner waiver of premium benefit
  • Enjoy potential investment return with wide range of investment-linked opportunities according to your risk tolerance level and investment needs
  • Enjoy the discount on basic cost of insurance for higher basic sum assured
  • Maturity benefit of basic sum assured and total account value, less any indebtedness will be payable upon policy maturity

SunLink Istismar Plus

Regular contribution investment-linked takaful plan that provides comprehensive coverage as follows:

  • Comprehensive coverage that comes with a protection booster and a wide range of 7 optional riders:
    • Hospitalisation and surgical benefit rider
    • Multiple pay critical illness benefit rider
    • Accidental death benefit rider
    • Weekly disability income benefit rider
    • Person covered waiver of contribution benefit rider
    • Contract holder waiver of contribution benefit rider
    • Waqf benefit and accidental death benefit rider
  • Enjoy potential investment return with wide range of investment opportunities according to your risk tolerance level and investment needs
  • Enjoy a discount on basic tabarru’ for higher basic sum covered.
  • Final benefit of total sum covered (basic sum covered and protection booster) plus the value of the investment account, less any indebtedness will be payable upon maturity of the contract.

Sun Wealth is a savings insurance plan that provides you with that added assurance as it lets you save while enjoying increasing guaranteed annual cash payment year after year. It is designed specifically to help you achieve your financial goals no matter at which stage you are in life.

  • Guaranteed survival benefits every year with a total of up to 642%**
  • Lump sum payout of up to 228%** of basic annualised premium  when the plan matures.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is a product in Singapore and we are not allowed to describe the product in details. We can only mention briefly on the benefits of legacy planning.

  • Discover ways to manage your time, talent and money to create a lasting impression on those you love and the causes you believe in.
  • Leave an income stream many times greater than its original value for your loved ones.
  • Speak with our Relationship Managers today on how CIMB Preferred can help customise our legacy planning solutions for you.