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Remittance Zero Fee via CIMB Clicks

Now, you can transfer money securely with CIMB Remittance at ZERO fee! Choose Telegraphic Transfer or SpeedSend to send money overseas to loved ones, for your business or even to friends!


Sending money overseas just got more convenient with Telegraphic Transfer or SpeedSend!

Benefits you can take advantage of!
Foreign Transfers via CIMB Clicks Step-by-Step Guide.

Click here to download the full guide.


Campaign Period

21 September until 31 December 2020

*Transfers up to RM50,000 are limited for immediate family and education purposes only. 


Terms and Conditions apply.



CIMB Remittance Zero Fee Terms and Conditions: 


1. Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT) (ENG)


2. Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT) (BM)


3. SpeedSend (ENG)


4. SpeedSend (BM)