• Savings, Protection, Investment and Remittance Solutions

Saving up is a lifelong habit that leads to a brighter future. It is made more fun with a host of rewards and privileges.

  • Minimum initial deposit of RM250
  • Freedom and control with Debit MasterCard
  • Enjoy up to 100% bonus interest on the total interest earned, with monthly deposits of RM100 or more via Periodic Payment Instruction
  • Online access via CIMB Clicks


Rates ( % p.a. )

Up to RM1,000


Up to RM5,000


Up to RM50,000


Up to RM100,000


Above RM100,000


As parents, one of the best things you can give your child is a good education. That’s why planning ahead with the right education savings plan like Sun EduSmart, a unique non-participating endowment plan, is vital.

  • Education reward
  • Education Booster Fund (EBF)
  • Guaranteed maturity benefit
  • Life insurance benefit (Life assured - child)
  • Policy owner waiver of premium benefit (Parent or guardian)
  • Tax relief under insurance premium for education benefit


Investors who have a natural need to purchase or sell foreign currencies or looking for a short-term investment with enhanced yields.

  • Risk : Balance
  • Tenure: 1 week to 1 year
  • Min. amount : RM100,000 or equivalent
  • Higher investment return (yield) as compared to regular timed deposits
  • Potentially better conversion rate than Over-The-Counter
  • Wide array of currency to select from

Wire your money in a safe and quick mode of transfer to anyone and anywhere around.

  • Telegraphic Transfer is the fastest mode of money transfer and is used for payments, in or out of Malaysia.
  • Transfer of funds by telegraph, telex, cable, or SWIFT from a bank to its branch or another bank authorising the payment of funds to a specified account
  • Types of Telegraphic Transfer:-
    i.  Local Telegraphic Transfer (between CIMB Bank branches and 
        Rentas interbank).
    ii. Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (foreign currency).